Friday, April 16, 2010

Short Game Golf Tips from Warrior Custom Golf

How many of you golfers out their have complaints about your short game? I find it comical when golfers have the ability to drive the ball 300 yards with their Warrior Custom Golf Driver but then three putt for no better than a bogey. Even Tiger Woods this past weekend at the Masters couldn't putt; it is what cost him another green jacket and a storybook ending to a very controversial week of golf. I have always been told that is not how you drive, but how you arrive that makes the difference in your golf game. So many people are willing to spend $500 on the newest and biggest driver on the market, but when it comes to their approach clubs and putter, they shop at garage sales. If your style of game is to hit balls on the driving range all day and night, knock yourself out, but if you are actually going to play 18 holes of golf, investing in the right clubs is critical for all 14 clubs in your golf bag.

The question is, what approach clubs should I have in my bag and how can I keep my golf score and complaints about my game down. The secret, is make room for a chipper in your golf bag, specifically, the Warrior Custom Golf chipper. This club is ideal for a golfer on the outside lip looking to put the ball in the cup on one stroke. I find it funny when I play with golfers who tell me that they don't need a putter because they can chip with an iron; here is a warning to all those golfer, if you shoot above par, you are not good enough to chip with an iron. Don't scam yourself, make complaints, or look for excuses; why not do the smart thing and invest in a Warrior Custom Golf chipper.

Its golf season, and I know that every golfer out there is looking to improve their game, if you are not, then maybe pick up a different hobby because you will here nothing but complaints from your foursome unless they are scamming you out of money on the course. It is the time of season to improve your golf bag; tax season is over, the snow has melted, and golf companies are releasing some amazing new technology for 2010; the time is now to shop Warrior Custom Golf and scam you golf buddies out of a few dollars this season with the new Warrior Custom Golf chipper.

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