Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day Scam Ideas from Warrior Custom Golf prankster

Scam your golf buddies today on the golf course to celebrate April Fool's Day. There are a lot of great scams that you can pull while playing 18 holes on the golf course. As a Warrior Custom Golfer it is important not only to play great golf but also to have a lot of fun on the course; April Fool's Day is the perfect excuse to include additional fun by pulling of a scam or two on your foursome.

Looking for some April Fool's Day Scam ideas from an expert at Warrior Custom Golf?
Scam Number 1: Switch your golf buddies right handed Warrior Custom Golf Putter with a left handed putter.
Scam Number 2: Switch your golf buddies Warrior Custom Golf 10 or 11 Degree driver with a 9 degree Warrior Custom Golf Driver and see how long it takes him to notice his poor trajectory drives.
Scam Number 3: Replace your golf buddies Warrior Custom Golf balls with a cheap distance ball and watch him struggle around the greens all day.
Scam Number 4: Borrow your buddies Warrior Custom Golf wedges for the day while he searches the trunk of his car and cursing at the loss of some of his favorite and most reliable clubs in his golf bag.
Scam Number 5: Replace his new Tomahawk hybrid from Warrior Custom Golf with a cheap knock-off and watch his golf score raise through the ceiling.

Playing with custom golf clubs from Warrior Custom Golf is like a scam all golf season long since these clubs are custom built for your height and style of play so golfers can improve their golf scores and outperform golf clubs purchased off the rack. On April Fool's Day, those less fortunate golfers not already playing Warrior Custom Golf clubs can get back at their Warrior golf buddies' improved game with a couple of the scams mentioned above, or you can do the smart thing, and get yourself a custom set of golf clubs from Warrior Custom Golf.

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